Imagery cave

︎ Status: Built
︎ Type: Ink and Wash Painting Atelier
︎ Area: 120m²

The studio is designed with bookshelves of varying sizes, shaping spaces resembling squares or pathways. When the large bookshelves expand in a broad area, they create a space for collaborative work and small exhibitions. As the bookshelves draw closer, they give rise to a narrow and tall alley-like sensation, slowing down the active state of mind. Through scale, the transformation of the internal and external creative mood is facilitated, allowing for expansion and settling, back and forth, to extend and broaden the perception of thought.

Materials used consist of primitive elements such as solid wood, concrete, and black iron, blended with ochre, experiencing the natural forces bestowed upon us by the world and our inner responses in the creation of ink and wash paintings.