Under the tree

︎ Status: Built
︎ Type: Residential apartment
︎ Area: 120m²

This is a reconfiguration plan for a four-bedroom, two-living-room high-rise residential building in the urban area. In the center of the floor plan, there is a one-meter by one-meter pillar.

While retaining the structure of two bedrooms, the central area unfolds into four quadrants of communal space. The spatial qualities are distinguished by the width of the pathway and the relative dimensions of the spaces. Activities seek suitable spaces to unfold in different states, much like living under a sprawling tree canopy where each individual finds their own place while still connected as a whole. The public spaces, at this moment, only differentiate between "here" and "there," without being confined by specific spatial names.

With the changing of the sunrises and sunsets, the transition of seasons, choosing a spot and setting up tables and chairs becomes your own venue.